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On Angle Window Film Or What’s Your Angle?

The clever world of window film might tend to get a bit confusing for the neophyte.

After all most people simply want to know if the window film they choose will keep the heat out?


Competition is a good thing and because the window film business is a mature industry there are various strategies employed to attempt to position one particular film over another.


So we have had one particular window film manufacturer (3M) inventing a bogus angle test measurement and continuing to brag about Prestige’s performance at an angle.


See- -They still claim that their film works better at an angle. (of course that works for glass at an angle and her hair above!)


So in “their” imaginative world their film works much better at say 3 PM than it does at say 12 PM. Amazing!!


Better at angle?


You are supposed to believe that this miraculous technology is unique. That perhaps the rest of the world of window film envies this capability?
Doubtful, since the rest of the window film world is still trying to correct Prestige claims about their 97% IR Heat rejection!!



It seems that glass itself works exactly the same way! That’s right- -your windows already work better at an angle than they do at mid-day.

This isn’t exactly “news” to window film experts and that’s why INDUSTRY STANDARDS and documented measurements are conducted with the light source (SUN) at a 90 degree angle to the glass.

All window films work better at an angle

The rest of the window film world went ballistic or at the very least went angular.

They produced White Papers. TSER On Angle (This reminds me of a scientist explaining why the Earth revolves around the Sun rather than the other way around. Empirical facts are fine. .the bottom line is that the competitor is acting rather like Pinocchio above!)

They quoted objective fenestration experts.

IWFA – IR Ratings of Window Film

They tried any and every angle to correct these Prestige claims.

The result??


Now Prestige has been introduced as a car film is it called Crysta lying and guess what??

Their car film supposedly works better at 3 PM than it does at 12 PM!!

Or is that 2 PM versus 9 AM???

So before you buy any ridiculous, fantastic selling angle, no matter the time of day. .

call Advanced Film Solutions!

Or better yet just for giggles. .ask the Angular Prestige guy to explain the physics behind this alleged superiority?

Our VISTA and Huper Optik films work from dawn to dusk.

Our films beat them at 9 AM and 4 PM  They are equal to their films at night.

We really don’t wish to wrangle
Our films work well at an angle
They work fine at 8!
At 4 PM great!
Please deal with the facts; not fan dangle!

Finger wagging

Why not compare their “selling angle” with Advanced Film Solutions

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We’ll talk straight!