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Critical Comparisons Window Tinting USA Florida Ready

Let’s assume you are researching the Internet for the best value and highest quality window film for your Tampa Bay or Orlando home.

CollageCHere are a few basics. 

The window film is applied on the interior of your windows. 

There are a variety of different light transmissions and various thicknesses that make the film able to hold glass in place should a burglar try to break through your glass.

1932554_726033407430133_1017206962_oEveryone you talk to purports to offer the best solution, the best product and of course, the best installation.

You are probably familiar in a cursory way to the 3M brand since you have bought Scotch Tape sometime along the way.  Many of the other brands are new to you but you are open minded.

How do you weed through the noise and confusion to make an educated choice?

Advanced Film Solutions


Since 2007 we have installed our films in more than 9000 homes across the Tampa Bay, Orlando and Sarasota region.

No other company has done as many homes, offices or buildings.

We have earned the Super Service Award from Angie’s List for four straight years.


Check our local competition!

If you did it; it isn’t bragging.

You may have seen our advertising or heard some of our radio spots?


If you attend the Tampa Bay and Orlando home shows you would have seen our booth.

We are unique because we offer the leading window film brands in this industry.


We are not stuck with one manufacturer or a quota system.

We have done our homework to make it easier for you to receive the perfect match for your requirements.

We do not offer 3M Window Film.

Ironically (to me) after 33 years at 3M, they are my competition.

Matching up and offering higher value window films against 3M is our easiest challenge.


We always encourage clients to call them or go to Home Depot first- -then (and this is very important!) call us at 877-575-3456

As a consumer you want hard facts and as a solutions company that’s what we offer.

Our films are NFRC rated and certified for their ability to keep heat out.

VISTA and LLumar
Solar Gard- Armorcoat
SunTek Films
Huper Optik

 Coll6Here is an article  that I wrote that may help explain why the NFRC is so critical for consumers who are researching window film performance!

Experience in ease of installation coupled with customer satisfaction are what drive our business.

We can show you the differences and point out why one film may be better suited for your requirements.  Cost is always an issue and having choices provides a better ROI for our clients.


Call Advanced Film Solutions and find out why we have grown into one of the largest volume window film installation companies in the USA

Toll free for a free estimate and comparison:  877-575-3456


Coolest Homes Get Window Film USA, Top Tinting Brands

If your home has clear untreated glass you already know just how hot it gets in your west and south facing rooms. 

How about that eastern facing kitchen?

gfrGlare in your eyes every morning?

There is an answer!

You already have an air conditioner that costs plenty to operate and it just never seems to be strong enough to cool these rooms no matter how dark your blinds or curtains and drapes.


Now when the weather gets colder your monthly heating costs are going through the roof!

The coolest answer is today’s window film
The old days of window tinting had dyed films that turned purple!

Window Film has been around a long time and unfortunately in those early days manufacturers used dyed films that never lasted very long turning colors like a horrible purple or yellow.

Those days are long gone!

Vista Films are the number one choice for interior designers specifically because these films offer superior performance and durability without compromising your views, daytime or night.

We are all becoming much more environmentally aware!

Less reflective than the standard sputtered films these films cool your home and block the UV.

Our clients get to choose the perfect fit for their unique requirements. The balance between light and dark. Reflective versus non-reflective is an advantage for designing the ideal solution.

Many clients mix and match their selections. A second floor window may receive a darker light transmission that a shaded window on another floor.

Your AC will seem like it’s on steroids!!


EnerLogic Low E Film will reduce your electric costs down throughout the entire year transforming single pane windows into dual pane performance.

Across the country consumers are becoming increasingly more aware of energy efficiency and environmental responsibility.
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Our coolest clients choose Window Film USA. COM

Toll Free 877-575-3456