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Window Film USA Taking On 3M Window Film

Relentless competition defines our continued success at Advanced Film Solutions and Window Film USA.

We created a unique film portfolio composed of the industry’s leading window films to take on the “Big Name” 3M Challenge.

We Win On Glass!

Fortunately for us we are not battling performance or aesthetics. 

We aren’t arguing which film does a better job at reducing your electric bill or protecting your home from break-in.

This is a consumer education battle between the “perception” that 3M makes a better window film and the reality of the product their numerous agents, home depot, window genies, budget blind agents and others selling as 3M film.

This is the critical battle for the consumer’s trust based upon brand recognition or their halo of goodwill from unrelated products!

The real battle should be on the glass and that is where we win every day.

Consumers who appreciate that the reality is on their glass and that companies that incorporate DuPont polyesters, clear adhesives and patented thin film technologies certainly understand how to innovate incredibly effective solar and solar security window films.

Consumers trust the Department of Energy and their support of the NFRC.

Window Film USA represents a suite of films that have had their performance certified on specific glass configurations.

It’s on the glass where performance counts!

NFRC rated window films like Huper Optik and VISTA demonstrated superiority in shading coefficient and total solar energy rejection.


Perception doesn’t mean beans unless it works. . .


Ceramic Films That Win ON THE GLASS!

Huper Optik Ceramic films are patented multi-layered dye free films that have lower interior and exterior reflection than glass. 

3M recently launched a re-boxed single ply ceramic film marketing it with the somewhat coy wording that this is the only ceramic film “worthy of the 3M name?”

It is evidently worthy of the Johnson, Madico, Geoshield and some private label names like that window film depot clear vue film!


ON THE GLASS – “their ceramic film” is reflective from the exterior view and only comes in a 60 inch width.

Perception won’t reduce your electric bill or qualify for window film rebates. 

doesn’t allow a ceramic film to meet your deed restriction where a reflective exterior view is against the HOA rules and

Perception won’t keep the thinner 3M ultra films with solar properties from failing independent impact and cycling tests.


Advanced Film Solutions and Window Film USA Win ON THE GLASS!

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