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Window Film USA Competes Vs. 3M Window Film

We are crazy about window film!

Have been for some time.

  • We are about lowering your electric bill every month!
  • Preserving your furnishings
  • Making your home cooler and safer.
  • Doing all of that while keeping your windows clear and the beauty of your home maintained!


We are about having our clients smile when they feel how comfortable their rooms are, and how they can enjoy that high definition TV finally since we removed the glare!

Quite frankly unless your brother or first cousin works for them you’d sit down and listen to me for a few minutes. 

No sales pitches, no baloney about 110 years or how much Scotch Tape we used last Christmas.

We offer the world leader in window film technology Eastman Chemicals

Huper card
The patented Huper Optik Films.
  • Wider widths
  • NFRC Certified
  • Gated Communities and Deed Restricted Non Reflective Films
  • Qualifies for rebates and tax credits
  • Store glass protection UL972
  • FM Global Approved LLumar and VISTA
We run window film rings around our competition

Yeah; we are nutty about this business and keeping your home much cooler!


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