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Huper Optik Ceramic Window Tinting, Best Gets Better


There is window tinting; and then there’s Huper Optik!

The number once choice for non reflective maximum heat rejection; Huper Optik meets all deed restrictions and HOA rules.

These unique films block IR wavelengths and a wide range of visible light (from 20%-70%)

How dark or light, or how much glare you want to eliminate is completely up to you!

The natural light remains vibrant and optically clear. 

There are no dyes (like car tint or our 3M competition’s prestige series) and the patented performance of Huper Optik films can not be matched by single layer ceramic films that are more reflective and offer less heat rejection. (This includes the 3M re-boxed single layer ceramic films)

Why would any homeowner pay through the nose for a solution that is less effective?

Frankly the demand for Huper Optik Ceramic has been higher now than at any other time during the last 11 years.

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