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Florida Storefront Glass Window Tinting 2020 Savings

Advanced Film Solutions has completed thousands of commercial window film applications during the last thirteen years. 

These projects vary in scope and in the specific window film selected.
  • All deadlines were met and the projects completed with 100% satisfaction.
  • Our customer service and superior installations earned us the Super Service Award from Angie’s List for 8 straight years.


  • We are fully insured and meet all criteria for commercial applications.

Storefront applications vary in scope and the specific client’s objectives.


Here our team installed project using dark (5% VLT) light transmission LLumar to block east and south facing glare without adding reflectivity to their glass.These commercial applications require installation expertise, plus the manpower to complete the task on time. 


This is critical because we are working alongside various trades who also have to meet deadlines.

We understand that this is a highly competitive industry and our business plan is to provide the best value solutions at an affordable cost.



  • NFRC Certified films
  • Shatter control safety films.
  • Glare Control
  • Decorative and graphics for privacy, branding and aesthetic improvement.
  • Reflective and non-reflective solutions that are customized for our clients requirements.

Advanced Film Solutions

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