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Coolest Homes Get Window Film USA, Top Tinting Brands

If your home has clear untreated glass you already know just how hot it gets in your west and south facing rooms. 

How about that eastern facing kitchen?

gfrGlare in your eyes every morning?

There is an answer!

You already have an air conditioner that costs plenty to operate and it just never seems to be strong enough to cool these rooms no matter how dark your blinds or curtains and drapes.


Now when the weather gets colder your monthly heating costs are going through the roof!

The coolest answer is today’s window film
The old days of window tinting had dyed films that turned purple!

Window Film has been around a long time and unfortunately in those early days manufacturers used dyed films that never lasted very long turning colors like a horrible purple or yellow.

Those days are long gone!

Vista Films are the number one choice for interior designers specifically because these films offer superior performance and durability without compromising your views, daytime or night.

We are all becoming much more environmentally aware!

Less reflective than the standard sputtered films these films cool your home and block the UV.

Our clients get to choose the perfect fit for their unique requirements. The balance between light and dark. Reflective versus non-reflective is an advantage for designing the ideal solution.

Many clients mix and match their selections. A second floor window may receive a darker light transmission that a shaded window on another floor.

Your AC will seem like it’s on steroids!!


EnerLogic Low E Film will reduce your electric costs down throughout the entire year transforming single pane windows into dual pane performance.

Across the country consumers are becoming increasingly more aware of energy efficiency and environmental responsibility.
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