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Tampa Window Film Windex Adventures

By now my regular readers know that there is absolutely zero advantage for any 3M window film matched against VISTA, Huper Optik, Madico, Solar Gard or SunTek and Hanita concerning the use of Windex.


Still. .

Every so often you still get that tired old nonsense from a 3M competitor so it might be timely to state the obvious once again.


From a factual point of view seriously there is absolutely no advantage for 3M in repeated Windex Assaults.

The scratch coatings are effectively the  very same no matter who the manufacturer might be.

In fact I’d argue that the scratch coating on their prestige multi-layered optical film is weaker than the industry standards which is one reason the color can be so easily scratched off their prestige films.


Now most consumers will listen to a counter argument about film performance and certainly they can judge a film’s aesthetics with their own two eyes; but this type of Windex slander is beyond belief.

Enough already.

We have run Windex Promotions and have joked about this nonsense along with their angle nonsense and their 97% IR rejection foolishness.

Let’s call that local 3M dealer for an estimate or drop by a home depot store so you can pay even more for the same thing. . .

Then when you check your sanity. .call:

Advanced Film Solutions

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Don’t Forget Your Windex!