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Energy Awareness Month, Tampa, Orlando Window Tinting Taking Action

October is Energy Awareness Month and if that is news to you, that’s probably because of all the other news (noise) that hits consumers every day.



Keeping your home cool in the summer months and warm during the winter requires increased demand on air conditioning and heating systems that equate to higher electric costs.


Window Film factors out heat gain and Low E film like our innovative EnerLogic Film works in the winter as well by insulating your home’s windows.

No one wants to spend money in these tough economic times, particularly if the end results don’t provide a fast bottom line return on your investment.

EnerLogic does just that by rewarding you with the fastest ROI of any home improvement you can undertake.


As we approach the cold season; now is the perfect time to think about energy improvement ideas. Our NFRC certified EnerLogic Films meet Federal tax credit requirements in all Department of Energy zones.


You may also qualify for local utility window film rebates.

Lifetime warranted EnerLogic is the smartest decision you can make for years of comfort and cost savings.

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