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Tampa Home Show Advanced Film Solutions Window Film Vs. 3M Home Depot Florida

The Tampa Home Show at the Tampa Convention Center begins today through Sunday.


This is a terrific opportunity to meet with our window film experts and compare our Eastman Window Film selections compared to the competitive Home Depot 3M window tint.

I’ll also assume you are not heading off to your local Home Depot store to buy do it yourself window tinting or worse yet; have that 3M Home Depot film (priced nearly double the going rate) installed on your home.

Check out the 3M Home Depot Film.


Have them do an estimate.

Then call the experts at Advanced Film Solutions for a competitive quotation.

We’ll demonstrate that our ceramic coatings meet TECO rebate requirements while their prestige films do not. Why? Because their film isn’t blocking enough heat.


Our incomparable transferable lifetime warranty.

The depth of choices that we offer in non reflective, Low E and security solar films.

The innovation of Eastman Chemical the world leading window film manufacturer.


Our world class installations that have earned Advanced Film Solutions the Super Service Award from Angie’s List for four straight years!

NFRC rated coatings.

No guess-work about performance. No phony heat lamp gimmicks pretending to block 97% of the heat. No nonsense about working better at angles.

Facts over nonsense with Advanced Film Solutions.


We march to a different drum at Advanced Film Solutions.

Advanced Film Solutions