Port Charlotte, Punta Gorda Home Show Compare Eastman Vs. 3M Window Tinting

There’s nothing quite like the excitement of a home show to get your heart pumping!


Consumers have a unique opportunity to “kick the tires” at home shows like the Port Charlotte, Punta Gorda Home Show.


Advanced Film Solutions is proud to represent the world leading window film solutions manufactured by Eastman Chemicals.

Eastman was borne from the innovative Eastman Kodak decades ago. Their vision is to continue to bring advanced technology coatings to a world burdened by rising energy costs and climate concerns.

Eastman window film brands are incomparable and unique starting with the interior designer recommended Vista Films.


The world’s first true low e film: EnerLogic, the economically priced and durable LLumar brand and the nano-ceramic Huper Optik films.

NFRC Rated Films

Naturally we believe that we offer the most powerful solutions for our clients here in Florida.


That perspective is supported by FACTS!

Our dedicated commitment to 100% customer delight has been rewarded with our having earned Angie’s List coveted Super Service Award for 4 years in a row.

home show
Clearly many of our potential clients are unfamiliar with window film solutions.
If they have any awareness of window films it’s usually directed to our well known competitor 3M.
Clear Comparisons!

Frankly there is very little to compare as the Eastman portfolio is so much wider and deeper than the unbelievably outdated 3M solutions.

Our reflective series starts with films that black 95% of the visible light while offering a lower interior reflection.
We have non reflective films that meet TECO and Progress Energy rebates.
We offer bronze films in multiple light transmissions and degrees of reflectivity.
The EnerLogic comparison is almost unfair.  
Our EnerLogic Film has three times the winter insulating ability and a lifetime warranty.
The 3M Low E film was introduced in the 1980’s and has gone the way of an 8 track tape with a limited width and a paltry five year warranty.
Our Huper Optik ceramic films meet deed restrictions and are dye free.

Energy savings compared to 3M Prestige?


Huper Optik has several films that meet the TECO rebate requirement whereas the 3M Prestige film does not.

Our LLumar portfolio alone easily outdistances the extremely limited 3M offering in any quantifiable measurement.

This includes multiple light transmissions in silver films and safety and security films.

Shatter glazing films from clear , silver, neutral and multiple dual reflectives.

Stop by the Advanced Film Solutions booth at the Port Charlotte, Punta Gorda Home Show today and Sunday!

Innovation begins with Eastman Chemicals and Advanced Film Solutions!

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