Tampa Bay, Orlando Window Tinting Case Studies

Advanced Film Solutions provides energy savings and glass security window film throughout the Tampa Bay and Orlando region.


Our clients count on us to provide solutions to their rising electric costs, glare and UV fading and glass protection requirements.

Rebate enhancements; particularly those instituted by TECO, have a profound impact on your return on investment.

TECO rewards the installation of our films with a $2.00 per square foot incentive and they have eliminated their cap.

Here are just a few case studies from our installations just this week:

Commercial Law Firm:

Tampa law firm has windows facing west, south and east. Their views a perfect except for the glare, heat and fading of their artwork and furnishings.

1208535_631628666870608_1956334765_nTheir employees have eye strain and the complaints were never ending.

Solution: We installed Ceramic 20, Huper Optik Non Reflective film.

Glare has been reduce nearly 80% and their views are unaffected.

Heat gain has been reduced by more than 70%, they qualify for TECO rebates and the exterior view of their glass meets the building owners aesthetic requirements.

New Port Richey Home:

Our client’s windows face east and west.

Their monthly electric bill has been growing exponentially. They liked the open views but recognized that they had lost privacy from several “nosy” neighbors.


Having single pane glass their security was easily compromised from potential burglars


We installed our economically priced LLumar Magnum solar security film.

Now they have daytime privacy and a 79% reduction in heat gain.

Their sliders have been anchored with Dow 995 structural sealant to improve the capability of their glass to remain in their frames.


Orlando Home:

Sun, glare and fading became an untenable situation for this client.


We installed a combination of Vista 18 and Vista 28 on their windows.


They elected to have the darker 18 installed on their west facing glass while opting for the lighter film on their southern facing windows.

The glare was immediately reduced along with the UV.

They can anticipate a dramatic reduction of 15-25% in the monthly electric costs during the cooling season.

Advanced Film Solutions Tampa- Orlando-Lakeland glass improvement solutions.

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