Glazing Shatter Security Window Film USA Installations

Window Film USA and Advanced Film Solutions offer our clients the largest portfolio of safety and security shatter films in the USA.


We offer name brands and specifications that detail the specific film’s strength and performance characteristics.

Our business model is to identify the manufacturers of the films that we are installing  and offer our unmatched credentials as experts in the window film business.

NFRC Certification takes the mystery out of solar rejection performance!


33 years at 3M and for the last nine years as the independent owner of Advanced Film Solutions, Florida and Window Film USA.
We represent these glazing security window films:

Armorcoat- Manufactured by Saint-Gobain these security films are on high profile buildings and homes throughout the world.  Blast tested and GSA rated this is the film protecting the US Capitol!

LLumar Magnum: Dupont mylar is the foundation for this products performance.  LLumar films are optically clear and they are available in solar security combinations that factor out 80%-50% of the light.  Obviously they also make a clear version.

Hanita- Israeli manufactured for blast, security and perimeter protection.

VISTA Film:  Our flagship product that offers the same security benefits of LLumar but with half the interior reflectivity.


Designed to be safe on IG units the VISTA 28/38 Films are the best of solar control and safety combined!

SUNTEK: These folks make economically priced shatter films that keep within our clients budget.

There is no sacrifice in performance as these films have met the same test performance as their more expensive competitors.

Madico: Incredible clarity and strength these films are the preferred choice for the US State Dept and financial institutions around the globe!


What do these films have in common?

  1. They all meet GSA Level 3A or greater performance (Federal facility managers understand this criteria!)
  2. They have all passed the ASTM 1886/1996 standards in all versions solar and clear shatter films.
  3. All of the above films meet the ANSI (400 ft Lb Standard)
  4. All of the above films can be further secured to the frame of a slider using a wet seal (Dow 995) System.
  5. All the above offer lifetime warranty (homes) Consult with us concerning commercial warranty since VISTA is 15 years and several of the others are ten years only.
The manufacturers that have passed these tests are listed above and the only company that offers all of these films is Advanced Film Solutions and Window Film USA

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