Cure Shocking Electric Bills Window Film USA

It never ends. 


Every afternoon your bedroom or office is hotter than a sauna.

Your kitchen bakes.
That High Def TV has more glare hitting it than your car’s windshield!!
Your wood furniture and floors fading. . .?

How about that electric bill?? 

Certainly that’s not for the faint of heart!!

You’ve thought about window coverings or replacing the single pane glass with tinted IG units.  That is until you found out the asking price!!  What recession??

There is a reasonable solution and it begins here with window film and Window Film USA

We are window film industry experts not solely because we understand how to install films without bubbles. 

There is more to know about the nuances in window film and the differences in adhesives, ceramic versus metal, reflective and dual reflective; the real manufacturer’s versus the re-boxers of all kinds.

Many consumers are familiar with the 3M logo and their Scotchtint or Scotchshield brands.  Suffice to say that having spent 33 years employed at 3M and having a particular interest in 3M Window Film including once having been the 3M National Sales Manager of their window film department.

We can be balanced simply because we offer the best of the best.


Our experience becomes your guide toward the most cost-effective solutions as well as the
Green film solution that best meets your aesthetic objectives.

Window Film USA


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