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Commercial property managers have long appreciated the value of aftermarket applications of window film. 


Energy costs continue to increase and a large percentage of operating costs are associated with heating and cooling your facility.

Historically window film has provided an admirable job of factoring out heat gain. This reduced energy consumption, balanced your facility by eliminating hot and cold spots while factoring nearly 100% of the UV from entering the building.

Life cycle costs compared most favorably since the new technology films are durable and warranted for 15 years. The improved tenant and employee satisfaction and the streamlines appearance of the facility from the exterior view served to enhance property value.

The one weak area was the impact solar control films had on winter heating costs as well as the reduced daylighting that a facility would receive particularly if darker light transmissions were installed on the glass.

Limiting daylighting tends to increase interior lighting requirements and frankly the reduction in solar heat during the winter had a negative impact on energy usage.


Eastman Chemical the world leader in window film technology and sales developed a patent pending technology that has become a “Game Changer” for the efficacy of retrofit window film application.

EnerLogic is the first true Low E thermal heat film that transforms single pane glass into dual pane performance and dual pane into triple pane performance on all of your windows.

The applications provides a heat barrier that reduces summer heat gain by 76%. Outside temperatures that would typically heat your glass is prevented from entering the working space.  In the colder months the interior heat is reflected back into the working area by an unmatched 93%.

The impact on annual energy costs is outstanding and given the unique nature of this films’ performance on glass; no other aftermarket product can compare in the Return On Investment or Internal Rate Of Return that EnerLogic clients enjoy.

Architectural Products Magazine awarded EnerLogic three Innovation Awards based upon the quantum leap in energy cost efficiency these films provide.

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