EnerLogic Making Buildings Greener & Florida Competition Green With Envy


EnerLogic Window Films , by VISTA has raised the bar on energy efficiency by a quantum leap compared to our competition (3M Window Film) 

I’d hate to be a 3M Window Film Dealer or any one of their numerous reseller agents like Home Depot or window genie  when they try to match up their outdated Low E films against the EnerLogic incomparable capabilities!

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Compare the performance and the savings and quite candidly it’s not even close!

Innovation is what separates our VISTA Films from the herd of me too window film companies.

The technological superiority of these all weather films means consumers and building managers can expect energy cost reductions throughout the year.



Winter savings by insulating your glass and Summer savings by keeping that heat from entering your home or building in the first place!


The ROI is an incredible 2.75 years which will make your CFO happy, your tenants happier and compares more than favorably to lighting and chiller upgrade costs!

Our EnerLogic Films will balance out the cold and hot spots, reduce glare and eliminate UV throughout the months!

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2 thoughts on “EnerLogic Making Buildings Greener & Florida Competition Green With Envy

  1. Travis Stafford

    Why would we use a Low-E tint in Florida as opposed to a conventional tint? Isn’t Low-E better for keeping the heat in rather than out?

  2. Mike Feldman

    Excellent point and the very same logic applies to Low E windows that are being hyped by glass companies throughout Florida.

    Low E does a great job of insulating your home during the colder months which are few and far between here in Florida.

    Nevertheless this was an unusually cool winter in FL. Many consumers were asking about the heat insulating properties of film and one could make a valid argument in support of an all season window film from a cost return perspective.

    Obviously northern clients would benefit to a greater degree.

    The EnerLogic films show dramatically that the innovation leadership in window film is squarely on Solutia’s shoulders.

    This diametrically opposes the perceived innovation from 3M.

    VISTA Films are the perfect solution and now with a film that has twice the performance value of the 3M Low E films – -well our case is further validated.


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