Zebra Can’t Change Stripes Can Stop Fading, Florida Window Tinting


While a wise man once said that a “Zebra can’t change it’s stripes, or a Leopard it’s spots” there is something that can be done about fading caused by unrelenting UV, bright light and heat!


A wise Owl might suggest Advanced Film Solutions UV eliminating window film.

Wood floors, carpets, paintings and area rugs get bleached by the sun and the smart move is the installation of our solar films.

Advanced Film Solutions with offices in Tampa Bay and Orlando has the most extensive portfolio of solar films designed to match your aesthetic sense and budget.

PicMonkey Collage

Eastman Chemical’s Vista, LLumar and Huper Optik films ideal for gated communities and meeting all HOA rules.

Combination solar security films that will deal with the fade as well as burglars who will find it extremely difficult to break through your hardened glass.


You’ll earn rebates from TECO while enjoying a lifetime off comfort, lower glare and protected furnishings.

Advanced Film Solutions

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