Florida Compares Applied Window Film Attachments, NFRC

Here is an informative website that compares alternatives for improved window performance.

Advanced Film Solutions and Window Film USA provide professional installations of solar and solar security window film.

Our selections are led by Eastman Performance Films and our Vista, LLumar, EnerLogic and Huper Optik series.


Here is an excellent overview of window film attachments:

NFRC Applied Film Website

Our business philosophy is to only promote NFRC documented window films as we compete against gimmicks like heat lamps and rigged BTU meters.

Energy efficiency should be quantified.
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Remarkable innovative Low E Films EnerLogic provide the best ROI of any window film in the industry.

Durability and aesthetic considerations are subject to consumer review and our recommendations based on decades of experience.

Advanced Film SolutionsWindow Film USA


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