Managing Light With Chemistry Eastman Chemical Window Film

Advancements in polymer technology by Eastman Chemical has created a suite of transparent coatings that manage light at the glass.

Summer energy savings and winter home and office insulation that out performs any other all season window film.


Our 3M competition actually offers a 1980’s technology with 1/3 the winter insulating capability of EnerLogic. 3M offers a five year warranty compared to our EnerLogic lifetime warranty!  Imagine that?

Coatings like our optically clear Vista and LLumar solar films that eliminate 99.9% of the UV and reject nearly 80% or more of the solar heat gain.

Ceramic technology like our Huper Optik Ceramic Coatings that reject heat without altering the reflective appearance of your windows.


Safety and security coatings that incorporate multi-layered adhesive and polymer technology to sustain high impact and shatter resistance necessary in today’s violent world.

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No other window film manufacturer has the capacity and innovative strength of Eastman Chemical. (The story of Eastman)

Tampa Bay and Orlando home and business owners depend on Advanced Film Solutions to provide expert installations that drive down energy costs and improve safety and comfort.

Our installation crews have earned the Super Service Award from Angie’s List for the last 8 years and we are rated A on the Better Business Bureau. 

We have also recently earned the Best Of Home Advisor Award for 2015.

Start enjoying a lifetime of cool comfort thanks to Advanced Film Solutions.

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