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There’s nothing quite like a home show to get the juices flowing.

Orlando Home Show 002

First off you have an investment in time and money and you’re giving up your weekend.

You never know what type of crowd you’ll experience; although you have a fairly good guess

The show sponsor has had a year to promote the event, some do a terrific job; others not so wonderful.

The recession played havoc with home shows because most consumers are holding onto their wallets. They aren’t moving into new homes and more folks are renting.

Ah- -but the doors open and the crowd bustles in. 
The game is on and you put on that smile.
You say “good morning” a thousand times.
You hand out brochures and try to sum up your business in 5 seconds.

You hope the booths near you don’t have a loud mouth carnival like barker shouting out something about his water hose, cookware, free massage or “try that bed!”


Your competition may be down the aisle from you or three rows over. When it gets slow you’ll bump into them to hear their latest fibs or bragging. It all comes with the territory.

Once I gave a sales pitch while my 3M competitor was standing right next to me watching.

Now that was fun.

Droves of people with tattoos and older guys with ponytails wearing Harley Davidson wife beater shirts stroll by.

This guy isn’t getting window film

A sad looking older gent pushing a wheelchair bound family member takes a moment to stand to the side for a break.

The guy selling “super” water hose nozzles at $32.95 a piece, seizes the moment to deliver his pitch to the lady in the wheel chair. 

I’m listening to every word because he never varies his spiel; and my booth is empty.

He starts with the invention of water nozzles and hits his mark about getting up on the roof to clean out leaves from gutters (presumably with his super nozzle and your hose)

Sure enough, he looks straight down at the lady in the wheelchair and tells her that “this is a great time to climb to the roof to get rid of those leaves.”

She doesn’t smile.

The poor fellow pushing her doesn’t smile (nor does it seem likely he’ll be jumping up on a ladder anytime soon)

He just nods and pushes her along.
Oops- – here comes someone walking straight toward my booth with visions of window film dancing in her eyes.
Time to dazzle. .



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