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One of the most exciting innovations that has been introduced in the last few years has been the dynamic EnerLogic Low E Window Film.Marriott Case Study

This low e coating insulates your windows throughout the entire year by transforming your glass into a heat mirror.

The retrofit application is done at only a fraction of the cost for a window replacement.

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These durable coatings have a lifetime warranty so you’ll enjoy comfort and outstanding energy savings for decades to come.


Residential applications of the EnerLogic 35 will reduce heat gain by 76% in the summer months while preventing 92% of the heat from escaping through your windows in the winter.

The combined annualized energy savings is incomparable.

Obviously there is a powerful appetite for commensurate energy savings in the commercial building sector.

This recent case study quantifies the positive savings experienced with a recent installation of EnerLogic at the spectacular Hyatt Regency Hotel in Houston, Texas.


For the first time ever, a large-scale study measured the direct energy savings from window film installation. The results confirmed that EnerLogic® window film is a green solution that can effectively save energy, reduce costs and improve occupant comfort.


With energy expenditures totaling $1.6 million dollars annually, the 32-floor Hyatt Regency in Houston, Texas was in search of ways to drive down operating costs while increasing comfort and continued best-in-class service.


After analyzing dozens of window films, GGS found that EnerLogic outperformed all competitors in total energy savings and insulation performance. The results are published in a case study analysis.

Our virtually invisible EnerLogic 70 has become the “Gold Standard” of window film solutions.

 The bottom line savings is impressive and given our tropical weather EnerLogic may be the solution to your own escalating energy costs.

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