Tampa Bay Crystal Clear Window Tinting Solutions

Advanced Film Solutions clients range from upscale luxury homes and offices to condo’s and apartments.


One of the trends we have experienced is a move toward lighter, non reflective coatings that maintain the visibility and aesthetic appeal of the facility while providing excellent heat and nearly total UV rejection.

These coatings accomplish this outcome by factoring out the invisible IR wavelengths of the solar spectrum.


Our recommendation is the German engineered Huper Optik Films and our Vista EnerLogic 70 Series of Low E Films.


  •  99.9% UV rejection

  • NFRC rated solutions. Fact based performance for common window systems.
  • Optical clarity. No haze or distortion
  • Less reflective than glass; day and night views are unaffected.
  • EnerLogic provides winter insulation and summer heat rejection.
  • Huper Optik and EnerLogic 35 qualify for TECO and Progress
  • Energy rebates.
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Meets deed restrictions

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