Huper Optik Window Tinting Wins All Day In Tampa Bay


Once again Huper Optik Ceramic Film has won the day against all competitive solar control films.

The reasons are clear:
  • Superior heat rejection available in multiple light transmissions (20,30,40 50 60 70) We have several choices that meet the TECO rebate requirements.
  • Wider widths so we never have to seam a window. Our 3M competition is re-boxing a single layer generic ceramic film that is limited to 60 inch widths.
  • NFRC certified performance
  • Lifetime warranty
  • No Dyes (unlike our prestige competition!)


  • Maintains the color scheme of your home. No blue appearance like our competitions non reflective film.
  • Superior scratch coating. Huper Optik film holds it’s vibrant color and won’t fade or show distortion.


  • Non corroding never requires edge sealing. Completely safe in humid conditions or near salt water.

Call for a free estimate. Non metallic appearance that meets all deed restrictions.

Now earn a $2.00 window film rebate from TECO with the installation of Huper Optik Ceramic Film!

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