Huper Optik Window Tinting Because It Gets Hot In Germany

I thought I’d heard just about everything in this business when it involves competitive window film battles held across the kitchen table of homeowners throughout Florida.

I get to hear the competition’s comments from our clients after we win the day and typically when we stop by during an installation.

Our clients love to spill the beans and frankly this does help us in our preparation for future consultations with our clients.

We closed a project with Huper Optik ceramic films on a fairly large home. 10659342_834868329879973_823022375182412709_n

Our competition told our customer that since these incredible non-dyed-non-metallic films are made in Germany, Huper Optik didn’t comprehend the type of heat we get in Florida!

I owe my Sun Gard friend a beer for the laugh.

My competitor proudly claimed that “only a film made in Florida”¬† would be able to handle our hot afternoons.

This of course limited the manufacturer to only one possible company (the newly converged Sun-Gard and Madico films)


I politely assured our client that contrary to the learned Sun Gard expert; the climate in Germany, Martinsville, VA, or heaven’s forbid; St. Paul Minnesota, clearly has nothing to do with the capability or performance of the window film being manufactured.

The more I consider his statement the funnier it seems.

Our client agreed with my response and laughed as well apologizing for even asking me if that was true.

Centigrade or Fahrenheit  Huper Optik Is the Best Solar Control Film in the world!



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