Home Depot 3M Window Film Or Advanced Film Solutions?


The  launch of the VISTA EnerLogic All Season window film raised the bar for solar energy rejection performance.


Imagine a window film that can block 76% of the solar energy while insulating your windows in the colder months?

3M Home Depot Website for comparisons:

Only Eastman Films has the technology in thin films coatings to produce this solution that doubles the capabilities of a film in this category compared to the 3M Low E series.


EnerLogic Films have a lifetime warranty and a 15 year commercial warranty as compared to the 3M Low E films that can not be expected to last for more than five years!

EnerLogic-3M-Window-Film-Comparison-Graphic-300x291 Still; many Florida consumers are limited in their knowledge concerning window film and are apt to take the path of least resistance when shopping for energy solutions.


You’ve heard of 3M ( I certainly have since I spent 33 years with 3M!)  and you are likely somewhat familiar with their logo.


Certainly you are acquainted with Home Depot so naturally your assumption might be that having a home installation done by a 3M -Home depot dealer might just be the best choice?

Fact over hyperbole:

  • Our VISTA dual reflective solar security films meet the ASTM1886 C (4.5 Lb missile test and cycling) the 3M solar security films are too thin to meet that level of performance.71710_160635723969907_1233327_n
  • Our Films are all NFRC certified. Many 3M films are as well so you should compare true performance based on this objective government rating agency.  We have to alert our clients who are shopping because the performance claims by many of our competitors is unbelievable simply because it is not true!
  • No window film blocks 97% of the heat or 97% of the IR. Advanced Film Solutions offers Huper Optik nanoceramic films that out perform their prestige 40 and qualify for rebates as well as complying with all deed restrictions.


  • All window films work better at an angle. This spurious attribute of the 3M films has been scoffed at by the industry but has not been halted by their sale staff.
  • The BTU demo is illusion since the wavelength of the light is exactly the wavelength measured by the BTU meter. It’s misleading to say the very least!


  • Pricing: We have reviewed dozens of quotations directly from prospective clients.Let’s put it mildly; if you are looking for the best performance and the best value call us at 877-575-3456You’d have to be a _______ to pay twice as much for less!5022_660064447360363_431581930_n
  • Choices: Not even close. We offer the leading brands in capabilities and sales.
  • Warranty: Our residential warranty is automatically transferable.
  • Care and maintenance: Use Windex! Any statements by our competition that their film has a better hard coat or somehow can do a better job of lasting against Windex is utter nonsense!

Call Advanced Film Solutions at 877-575-3456

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