Tampa Bay, Orlando All Season Clear Insulating Low E EnerLogic Window Film

Many home and business owners who want energy efficient windows avoid window film options based on their perception that to be effective a film coating has to be dark and/or reflective.


This change in the ambiance of the building dissuades property managers from implementing a solar film retrofit.

That was then. .

Today Eastman Performance Films has innovated several dynamic energy smart coatings that are transparent yet nevertheless effective in reducing summer heat gain and insulating your glass in the winter.

554249_441638615869615_905756125_nEnerLogic 70 is THE LIGHTEST iteration of the Vista EnerLogic Series.

This is our Low E clear all season film that is virtually invisible on your glass.  The film is less reflective than your glass so your view is preserved day or night!


Winter insulation and summer heat rejection that will not alter the aesthetics of your facility or home.

No other competitive window film coating offers this much performance or optical clarity.


Huper Optik 70 is Eastman Chemical’s German engineered nano-ceramic film that offers incredible summer heat rejection by factoring out a minimal amount of visible light (30%) while removing infrared heat on the glass before impacting on your cooling costs.


These films are non-reflective and ideal for deed restricted homes, historic buildings and frankly any location where visibility inside and outside is critically important.

20150619_141851 (1)

Consider retail stores, restaurants, financial concerns, hotels etc.

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