Tampa Window Tinting Lowers Summer Electric Bills

We have seen an incredible interest in energy savings window film solutions!


No other company in Tampa boasts as many choices in solutions that will qualify for TECO and Progress Energy rebates.

No other company can match deed restrictions throughout our gated community neighborhoods like Advanced Film Solutions.

Our mission has been to be Tampa’s superior installation company.

You can only accomplish this if you offer the very best film solutions:


Vista Film: The industry leader in energy film solutions Vista Films is the preferred choice of Interior Designers.

That’s because of the optical clarity and durability of our films.

Advanced Film


Vista Films are available in solar versions and combination solar security versions.

All Vista Films are NFRC rated so there is never any confusion concerning the performance our customers expect.

EnerLogic Film: This game changing Low E Film is the first true all season energy savings window film. Designed to provide 93% winter insulation and a summer heat rejection of 76%; EnerLogic has raised the bar for annual cost savings and comfort.

Our 3M competition won’t mention their obsolete Low E film in Tampa because it fails after 5 years.



Advanced Film Solutions knows a winner when we see one and EnerLogic provides a competitive leap over all other window films!

Huper Optik Ceramic Film:


These German manufactured films attack the invisible IR wavelengths.

The result: an outstanding heat rejecting film that presents a non-metallic aesthetic view for deed restricted homes.

Huper card


In the past a window film would have to be reflective in order to keep the heat from entering your home.

Huper Optik patented ceramic films are 25 times more durable than standard films and unlike our 3M competition there are no dyes in our Huper Optik Film.



For the economically minded we offer a full range of energy savings LLumar Films.

Solar and security LLumar is the best selling window film in the USA.



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