Lake Jovita, Dade City, Zephyrhills Discover Huper Optik Glass Tinting

Lake Jovita is a beautiful gated community just north of Tampa.


Our client has expansive glass that provides a stellar view of the sprawling golf course. 

The problem?

Too much heat and way too much glare!

On top of that the sun has already started to fade and damage their wood floors as well as their interior furnishings.

They needed help and right away!

HO_5472 copy-XL

The Solution?


Huper Optik nano-ceramic. 

This film blocks 80% of the glare and nearly 100% of the UV.


Their home is much cooler and their views are preserved because Huper Optik films are non reflective. 

This is a key requirement based on the Lake Jovita deed restrictions that prohibit any reflective films.


They now qualify for energy rebates from TECO

Advanced Film Solutions really knows window film and the Huper Optik ceramic films are incomparable!

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