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The commercial real estate marketplace continues to remain extremely competitive based on the economy and huge inventory.

Many commercial locations zoned for retail and industrial use have glass related issues that can be resolved by Advanced Film Solutions; Tampa and Orlando’s best resource for window film application and removal.

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  1. Older commercial properties that have failed, purple, yellow or hazy defective film can reduce the value of your property for sale or lease.Let Advanced Film Solution’s team of installers remove this unsightly damaged film.This will allow you to choose the replacement film appearance.
  2. Improve the energy efficiency of your windows with the application of solar control window film.Clear glass is extremely inefficient in maintaining the climate in your facility. We offer a wide range of solar, glare control window film that will lower your annual utility costs. This advantage can make your property more valuable for tenants.
  3. Improve privacy:We offer a wide array of reflective and architectural glass films designed to provide privacy for properties where this is a vital requirement. The cost for a window film application is a tiny fraction of the cost for a glass replacement.
  4. Improved safety, security and burglary resistance:
    Our dynamic thicker safety security films are designed to lower your risk of burglary.  Our extensive portfolio of shatter films includes global leader : LLumar Magnum, Vista, Huper Optik and the well regarded Armorcoat, SunTek, Hanita and Madico Safety films.
    All of the aforementioned security films are a minimum of 8 ML thick and are also available in solar control versions.
  5. Earn commercial rebates from local power companies:Many of our films meet the requirements of TECO and Progress Energy for commercial window film rebates. The appearance of the glass post installation is customized for your specific requirements. Many property managers prefer a non-reflective appearance for their windows.Think restaurants and frankly any business that demands visibility into the location.Our EnerLogic Low E Window Film insulates commercial glass throughout the entire year.The bottom line impact on your electric costs is impressive. These films block 76% of the heat in the summer and keep 93% of the heat inside during the winter months.collageG
  6. Curb appeal: A commercial location that has clear glass may have a choppy appearance from the exterior view. Curtains, blinds and shelving that are visible from the street reduce your curb appeal. Many of our solar films will streamline the aesthetic appearance of your glass hiding clutter and enhancing the value of your property.

Advanced Film Solutions is the regions number one window film installation company.


We are fully insured, BBB rated A and a three time winner of Angie’s List superior service award.

Free estimates and everyday economically priced.

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