The Tinting Paradox-Why Do They Still Make Crap?

Window tinting has been around for a very long time.

Way back in the 1950’s polyester films were coated with dyes that produced glare control aftermarket solutions. By the 1960’s metals were deposited on polyester which resulted in more durability, stability and efficacy against heat gain, UV and weathering.

Fast forward 60 years of innovation in thin film technology and you’ll find nanotechnology, clear adhesives, durable hard coats, wider webs that produce widths of 6 feet and Low E technology as evidenced by the 2010 introduction of EnerLogic Film.

Yet a vast majority of the window film being applied every day continues to be the outdated dyed and metallic looking films of the 1960’s.

Take the automotive tire business for comparison. Do the manufacturers still sell tires with inner tubes at a low cost simply because there’s a market for them?


What gives?

It’s a result of market forces on a global scale coupled with the limited profitability for the remaining manufacturers.

It’s a perfect storm of industry incompetence and a failure in developing rules, vision, standards for their dealer channels and a failure to require any reasonable level of proficiency.


It’s motivated by greed and a mindset of taking the “path of least resistance.”

Simple answers to complex questions with a revolving door of management and constantly changing short and long term strategies.

Cheap dyes film for cars and houses are sold every day here in the USA.

They are installed by unregulated installation companies who have easy availability to most manufacturer films.


Many manufacturers simply private label their cheap stuff to a host of generically named “pretend” manufacturers who will also sell to anyone with a working credit card.

These cheap films have a limited life cycle so that the bubbling purple crap you notice on your neighbors car or home becomes the standard barometer of what a window film installation will look like on your home.

A Flea Market tinter will do your car for $80 bucks.  Your home for lunch money.


Many of the more successful dealers throughout the country have sold their soul to big box stores like Home Depot. 

These folks have been relegated to gimmickry like phoney heat lamp demos that pretend their film blocks 97% of the heat when in reality their film blocks 50%.

So it goes. .

Advanced Film Solutions sticks with the best window film’s manufactured by Eastman Performance Films.

Vista, LLumar and Huper Optik.


  • We never install dyed film on homes.


  • We don’t need the headaches or the do-overs my flea market competition never worries about (since they don’t offer warranties)
  • Our films are NFRC rated.
  • We never play games with heat lamp tricks or pretend our films work better at angles.
  • We don’t cut corners. We are fully insured.
  • Our people are covered by Worker’s comp.

Sure we compete against these bone heads every day and consumers make their own choices. We can lose to a shmuck in a truck.

We’ll Keep Practicing Our Craft!

For everyone else who demands quality and performance there’s Advanced Film Solutions.


Toll Fee 877-575-3456

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