Low E Window Tinting Compare 3M Vs. EnerLogic Tampa, Sarasota, Orlando

It’s always a pleasure to compare the EnerLogic Low E Window Film to 3M Low E Film.



3M Low E film was introduced in the 1980’s just around the time Dynasty was a big hit on TV.
They can dance around the fact that their Low E Film is obsolete but is that good enough?

3M dealers offer a film that is as obsolete as transistor radios; yet they continue to promote this stuff as relevant in today’s environment.




Now how does this compare to 3M’s Low E product?
EnerLogic has a lifetime warranty whereas 3M is limited to a measly five year warranty.
EnerLogic has 3 X the winter insulating capability compared to the obsolete 3M Low E Film. (NFRC)
EnerLogic meets the TECO rebate threshold.
EnerLogic is available in a virtually clear version that meets all deed restrictions.


EnerLogic earned the innovation award from Architectural Products Magazine for two years in a row.

EnerLogic comes in wider six foot widths where the 3M film is limited to 5 foot widths.


The 3M Low E film is nearly 30 years old and they haven’t made one improvement through all these decades on their Low E window film.

So how does a 3M dealer propose this outdated stuff?


They just assume that you won’t do any research.

But you’re no dummy!

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