Is It Too Cold For Window Film?

You might be thinking that no one in their right mind would be looking to improve the energy efficiency of their home in the winter by having window film installed.


There are arguments certainly on both sides of that question and frankly winter window film sales tend to be lower than what we experience in the summer months.

Nevertheless the sunlight, coupled with UV rays are attacking your furnishings throughout the year and you may have noticed that the angle of the sunlight is now attacking portions of your rooms that don’t get direct sunlight in the summer.

Furnishings get the protection from UV and light.

In terms of heat loss during the colder days you might be surprised to know that there are now Low E thin film solutions that insulate your rooms during the winter while keeping your home cool in the summer.

EnerLogic Low E film is unique and the most effective solution for all season energy savings, UV filtering and glare rejection.

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