Energy Efficient Commercial Property Window Film USA

Property Managers are keenly aware of the sustainable benefits of window film applications.


It’s all about cost savings (get free energy analysis) and going green.  

Taking advantage of government energy incentives and power company rebates makes more sense now than at any time since the 1970’s.

Window Film USA represents the leading manufacturers of window film in the USA. 



It’s our direct experience in installing every one of these films and their performance and durability that separate our knowledge from any other window film installation company.

This is a key difference between Window Film USA and that window film company you might may have worked with in the past.

 For example a reflective 20 % VLT Silver film is available from many different sources with a price spread that might amaze you.

One company might have the temerity to charge twice as much for a film that is in nearly every respect the exact same film as one at half the cost.

Some companies like 3M will simply re-box films and sell it under their better known label.  

No added value just added cost.


We have 100% non dyed films .

We will only recommend NFRC certified films for commercial buildings.  These films include VISTA, LLumar, Huper Optik, Sunscape, Hanita and Solar Gard and their Armorcoat Films.

Our commercial division offers 10 and 15 year commercial warranties.

We offer highly competitive investment costs that are certainly in line with the ROI our clients demand.

We are fully insured ($2.0 Million) and have earned a long list of third party recommendations.


Take the hue of the film.  Many films are neutral in appearance while others have a distinct color shift to the blue or green.

There are bronze films and highly reflective spectrally select silver films.

There are virtually clear nano-ceramic films like Huper Optik that won’t alter the aesthetics of your building therefore maintaining the curb appeal that your tenants appreciate.

That we offer the brands that comprise 95% of the US market share is no coincidence!

Window Film USA
Toll Free : 877-575-3456

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